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CalWise Spirits

Aaron Berg's family had a distilling business pre-Prohibition, so it got into Aaron's imagination and blood early. He started by making illicit hooch in his college dorm room and upon graduation, turned to his beloved California Central Coast for inspiration and ingredients. The result is CalWise Spirits.

Like many others whose passion is to make great beverages, the byzantine world of getting those products to market was outside his experience and skill set. So, with an awesome brand and marketing in place, and some delicious products, he turned to TEN26 to help him gain distribution and build his sales.


Sales, Wholesale Management & Key Accounts. The first decision was self-distribute or go with a wholesaler in CA. With our 3-tier relationships we got CalWise enthusiastically accepted by one of California's best wholesalers and with sales and key account placements growing there, we recently expanded into some of our east coast wholesalers, expanding the business while proving the brand has legs outside of California (the investors like this).

Brand & Marketing. With a great brand already developed, awesome young people killing it on social media, and a booming tasting room as a base, TEN26's main brand responsibility is to ensure we bring the brand to life in the marketplace and be great brand ambassadors to wholesalers and key accounts. Understanding the essence of a brand and how to send it viral via a national-wide group of sales people is key at the early stage of a company like CalWise. As his baby leaves the crib, we're taking care of it for him as we take it across the country.


Strategic Planning and Production. Sales planning and production planning go hand in hand. As does sales planning and financial planning. We aren't just the sales and 3-tier system management team for CalWise, we are their business partners. We also bring them marketplace feedback about trends and preferences, pricing and other valuable insights that help guide the business forward.

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